Biological rice
MCE is able to provide exclusive deals on certified biological rice from Vietnam, certification is done by Control Union. Our supplier was recently awarded the certificate of ‘biological rice’ and this is the first brand of
Vietnamese rice that is now certified as organic product.
Not only do these products provide a high economic value to farmers, but MCE has started a program to help Vietnamese rice farmers, by donating 5% of our gross turnover, in order to help them 'go biological'.
It takes at least 3 years to make the transition from normal rice production to organically grown rice to certification as a ‘biological product’. MCE is aiding in this process to enable them to make this important transition.
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MCE EU Rice Plant

Solid Mass Bio Fuel
MCE is als able to provide exclusive deals on solid mass bio fuel made from rice husks.
Originally a waste product from rice farming, when dried and compressed, it makes an excellent fuel with these properties:
- Lean CO2 emissions
- Leaves few residues when burnt
- Sustainable
- The production of biomass fuel provides an economic incentive to local farmers to go Green.
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Rice Husk Pellets