Our company, Mekong Corporation Europe, has obtained the exclusive distributorship of the first certified organic premium Vietnamese rice into the European market. This certified organic premium Vietnamese rice are pesticide and chemical free, with unique whole grains and a delicious taste.

Three types of rice
We can offer three types of rice of a rare quality, taste and smell, namely:
• White rice type ‘Indicat’
• Red ‘Japonica’
• Black rice ‘Japonica’
This is a very old rice which, throughout the ages, has retained its nutritional qualities.
This is a unique rice unaltered by the test of time, it is delicately flavored with white
Jasmine flower.

MCE EU Ricefield
We are capable of offering you three possible formats: 500 g, 1 kg and 2 kg. In the near future , biological rice will of course be available in 20 kg bags for bulk customers.